The definition of the dashboard is something that is used for data visualizations, dashboards as well as simplifying the complex data sets providing awareness about current performance. The business dashboard keeps the information of management tools for using tracking down the KPIs, metrics as well as other key data points related to any certain businesses or departments. The dashboard usage is reported for tracking and monitoring the key performances indicated for the business metrics in one place.

Smart Dashboard

According to the smart dashboard service provider Orpak, the smart dashboard is the basically a management tools providing a snapshot with the snapshots defining the key performance indicators or KPIs. Orpak ensures the site managers can identify the underperformance quickly sites with the pinpoint for the underlying cause. The system is based on the defined KPIs with automatic alerts sending through the improving station transparency and saving time on data integration.

Attributes of Smart Dashboard

Smart Dashboards are the cleaver dashboards that help a business to accomplish goals tracking down the progress with some distinct attributes, such as:

• Smart Interactivity with a solution for little parts collecting and the ability detecting commonality of information blending unified presentation.

• Smart Drilldowns enables the users filtering the down maintain original data including the natural filtering of information.

• Smart Reports inherently with the capability of graphical displaying traditional reports with the ability to filter data with précised security.

• Smart Analytics must have the capability of easy analytics interfaces producing powerful results underlying the complexity.

• Smart Infographics will extend the static images embedded with intelligence where the image comes alive with user interaction conveying information.

• Smart Displays will interact seamlessly by the changes responsive for adjusting the display portion and deliver to the consistent user-experience.

Identifying Dashboard Software

Smartsheet Dashboard companies think dashboards are an essential tool to gather Business Intelligence and making educative decisions. This will have the effect on the business growth so it is highly important to identify the best dashboard software and it is capable. A general overview of available dashboard software:

• BI Dashboards offers a suite of dashboard-like Sisense with the focus on specific areas of business like analytics, strategy, operations, performance, and KPI.

• KPI Dashboard Software focuses on the delivery and analysis of key performance metrics evaluating sales growth, measuring effectiveness and analyzing financial health.

• Website Dashboards of Google Analytics such as GitHub, Pingdom, and Chartbeat have designed to monitor and display the performance at a glance.

• Open Source Dashboards are mostly web-based and server-based integrating custom data streams.

• Free Dashboards has plenty of free options available for real-time data analytics with limited features.

• Marketing Dashboards will have the effort in increasing sales and building awareness with the attributes of BI and KPIs.

• Executive Dashboards are the executive dashboards consists of the accounting software and customer relationship management.

• Real-time Dashboards reports conversely offering information on historical data by the instant updates and performances.

The Business Service Management Dashboard provides a solution to the engineered and real-time access performing multiple tools with key access to the business services. Also, Zoho provides solutions to CRM with dynamic results by offering customization system as the business needs.