In today’s world of cut-throat competition, a strong and efficient online visibility has become the need of every business. Thus, a business which aims to succeed has to have an informational and interactive website with a powerful presentation of their products and services. We all know that a website is an effectual way to reach the potential customers all across the globe.

Whenever any business owner plans to kick-start their eCommerce project, the first thought that clicks their mind is to choose the best platform which has enhanced features to attract and retain customers. Nowadays, there are several open source platforms that are specially built for eCommerce sites, but the best among all is Magento which convey outstanding features, out of the box functionalities, stability, and customization safety.

At present, more than 4 million companies are using Magento as their chosen eCommerce platform which has made it number one option for online shopping sites to grow rapidly into a profitable business. Now, there are an impressive number of developers are constantly adding new extensions, customizing new features to make it even more flexible, increasing performance to make it an ever superior product at a low cost.

You must be thinking why Magento is considered as one of the most consistent and secured and eCommerce platforms. Well! Here are some reasons to support the most adaptable business class eCommerce platform available in the market.

Convenient & Easily Manageable

Acclaimed as the fastest evolving platform, Magento has set its benchmark as it supports all kinds of trades and can accommodate up to 500,000 products and 80,000 orders an hour. You can easily maintain and run your business online even from a single administrative panel. Furthermore, it is customizable and modular, means you can expand your store and add new features gradually.

Customizable Pricing Rules

If you want to create promotions or special deals, then it allows you to run all sort of campaigns to increase conversions. The flexible coupons discounts by percentage or by fixed amount can be applied by groups of stores, customers, periods of times, products, and categories, resulting in promotions such as Free Shipping or buying an ‘X’ product, and you’ll get ‘Y’ for free. This incredible functionality allows the filtering and visualizations according to the new promotions and recently viewed products.

Full Integration & Functionality

Magento’s reporting functionality and full-integration with Google Analytics allows a better understanding of the site performance in order to make the required changes to improve the loopholes. From the Admin Dashboard, a sequence of reports can be viewed on taxes, sales, products, RSS feeds, tags and search terms. Additionally, the admin also has the access to the best viewed, abandoned shopping cart report, best viewed, coupons use which allows him to learn to know the performance of campaigns and the information about best-selling products.

SEO Friendly

Its search engine friendly tools and URLs provide the website a better positioning on different browsers and even attract more clients. This platform also comes with a unique Rewrite tool which allows the admin user to have full access and control over the URLs created as well as the meta information.

Flexible Inventory Management

Magento has amazing inventory management which provides the admin full control over the catalog administration, with several other features such as manageable tax rates, configurable RSS feeds for low amount alerts according to products, location, customer grouping, and attributes for creating products based on types. It also allows easy management of product tags, reviews, product pricing rules and special discounts. This functionality enhances the image management, watermarks, and sizing.

With the above-mentioned features, you’ve come to know that when you choose to work with Magento, you’ll have a good amount of liberties in regards of using the software, which is not in the case in any other software.

Moreover, before choosing Magento, you might have a look at other versions that might cater to your unique business needs. So that you’ll choose the best version and caters to ever-changing online requirements and expectations. Best of all, you’ll never feel limited or trapped by this eCommerce platform. Well! You can’t go wrong with Magento!