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March 28, 2017
December 22, 2016


Ethleen stories


Ethleenstories.com is website designated for women, allowing them to share their thoughts on women’s issues, whilst gaining the latest beauty, home design and recipe tips. As a 24-hour site, we provide a place where women can chat – through text or video – for support and advice on all forms of abuse.

By providing access to resources for domestic violence victims, and videos advocating against it, we attempt to raise awareness on the critical issue of empowering women and supporting leadership amongst women. Similarly, we feel it is vital to discuss with teenage girls the important of education, the plight of early pregnancy, as well as family planning and the importance of medical check-ups. This is all a part of motivating women to be self-dependant.

What makes Every Stories unique is our life-style blog, which allows people around the world to share their stories through words and pictures. Our moderated forum allows the discussion of several topics – from family affairs and culture exchange, to international policies and how to manage your family. You chat or video chat with us for advice on relationships, fashion and makeover tips. This is all further backed and supported with tips for families.